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Common Air Conditioning Issues

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There are many reasons why your air conditioning unit may not be functioning correctly, and unfortunately most require the attention of a specialized technician. There are, however, some issues that you can detect and possibly fix on your own.

Here are some of the most common air conditioning issues, along with suggestions on how to approach them, from the air conditioning repair specialists at Ideal Plumbing & Heating in St. Catharines. Note: Once you’ve made sure you don’t have an operational problem, it’s important to remember to unplug the unit or trip the breaker before opening it and rooting around inside.

  • Operational problem. First, make sure the unit is installed properly, plugged in, and that you don’t have a blown fuse or tripped breaker. Often, it’s this type of simple oversight that’s causing the issue.

  • Electrical system failure. The controls for the fan, as well as the compressor, can easily wear out, especially if your system tends to turn off and on often. There might also be issues with the wiring and connections due to normal wear or corrosion. These are best left to a service technician.

  • Out-of-position sensor. It’s possible your thermostat sensor is out of place. You can check behind the control panel and make sure it’s not touching the coil. If it is, it might be throwing the sensor off.

  • Drainage issues. Check that your condenser is unclogged and that the unit is draining correctly, especially on very humid days. If your unit is a one-room type, make sure it’s installed properly. It may not drain if it’s not levelled.

  • Coolant leak. This is one of those problems best handled by a technician. If your unit’s refrigerant wasn’t filled properly or you have a leak, the unit will not perform as it should. A technician can repair and test the unit before refilling it to the manufacturer’s specifications.

  • Frozen coil. If your unit is not ventilated properly, you may end up with a frozen coil. Make sure the air-return ducts are not obstructed, and clean your filter regularly.

Stay Cool With regular maintenance and cleaning, your air conditioner should perform adequately for many years. More complex problems can be discovered by a trained professional during routine maintenance. At Ideal Plumbing & Heating, we have the tools and knowledge to keep your residential air conditioning running as it should. If your air conditioning unit isn’t working and you require a technician, please call us today!


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